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Founded in 1998, Therapist Support Laboratory is an independent 100% Australian owned and operated family manufacturing business located in the heritage Denton Mills Building in Abbotsford, Victoria.

We specialise in manufacturing quality Custom Made and Ready to Fit therapeutic compression garments.

Our wide range of products are used in hospitals and therapy practices across Australia and New Zealand for burns/scar management, lymphoedema, oedema, hand therapy and wound care. We are known for our technical solutions and quick turn-around for complex therapeutic garments.

As a business we are constantly innovating and evolving. We continue to adapt as new intelligent textiles and technologies for therapeutic garments are developed. We collaborate with leading researchers and fabric manufacturers worldwide to source the very best fabrics for our garments.

All our compression fabrics are individually batch tested by an independent textile facility to ensure we are providing accurate levels of pressure. This allows us to have a comprehensive understanding of how our fabrics function under various conditions so we can make more accurate patternmaking and construction decisions.

We take pride in having diverse, experienced and compassionate team of staff.

From administration to measuring to manufacturing, our team takes a personalised approach to each individual order we receive. We work with you to come up with new, one-of-a-kind solutions for every patient.

Your patients are at the heart of what we do, and we’re passionate about providing them with effective therapeutic garments to aid in their treatment recovery.

Your patients are at the heart of what we do

TSL is proud to provide you and your patients with a bespoke full-service experience.

We offer ramp-accessible facilities in our consultation rooms and quick turn arounds on in-house production and alterations.

From measuring and fitting your patients on-site to sorting out the insurance process, we strive to ensure your experience with us is pleasant from start to finish.

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