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We take great pride in being the first Australian company to take the principles of cut-and-sew custom made pattern-making and apply them to pre-sized compression garments. Explore our comprehensive range of products to find the right fit for your patients.

Pre-Sized for Ease and Convenience

TSL revolutionised the compression garment industry in Australia with the original Ready to Fit range in 1998. Since then, we have continued to innovate and develop the product range with feedback from medical professionals. 

Today we offer the most comprehensive variety of pre-sized compression garments on the Australian market. These garments have an array of applications and are a great option as introductory products to get your patients accustomed to wearing compression garments.


Explore Our Ready to Fit Products

Convenient, Functional and Practical

With an extensive variety of products in a broad range of sizes, our Ready to Fit garments are quick and easy to order. We keep a range of sizes in stock in our facilities and are ready for dispatch within 48 hours. 

Reliable sizing
Comfortable flat seams
Easy Donning

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Treatment Areas

Burns and Scar Management

As a business we are constantly innovating and evolving our techniques and sourcing the latest and newest intelligent textiles. All our compression fabrics are independently tested for graduated compression. We excel at finding solutions to the most complex cases to produce the most efficient and comfortable garments which assist burns patients to make a full recovery.

Hand Therapy

TSL gloves are used in Hand Therapy treatment to alleviate pain, restore functional movement and prevent further dysfunction. Out custom made neoprene gloves are used for return to work management due to their protective and usability qualities. We consult with hand therapists to find the best solutions to work along-side their treatments.


We understand the human body with all its shapes and curves and use this knowledge to design the best possible garments. Modifications are added to our products to ensure longevity.

Oedema and Wound Care

Every compression garments at TSL is produced with the end user in mind. Adding options such as zippers, zipper gussets and loops in the correct position and length is equally as important as applying the correct level of pressure to the garment. Making sure that patients can apply and remove their garments is equally important to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Made vs Ready to Fit?

Custom made garments are made to measure for individual patients while Ready to Fit is a dedicated range of pre-sized garments. If you are unsure about what kind of garment to order, we are happy to assist you to find the best option for your patient.

Custom Made

Complete the relevant forms for your chosen garment and email them to us at

Ready to Fit 

Complete a Ready to Fit order form and email it to us at

We are happy to provide a quote if requested.

Alternatively, contact us to have a customer login created so you can browse our full range and place your orders online

Proper laundering will preserve the condition of your patients garments for as long as possible. A new garment will maintain optimal levels of pressure for 3-6 months with considered laundering and care. After this time frame it is recommended to replace the garment if necessary.

We advise you to wash garments daily with the following instructions to receive the maximum benefit from your compression garment:

Hand Wash
1. Ensure all zips and velcro are done up
2. Gentle hand wash in warm water using mild detergent
3. Rinse in cold water and gently wring out
4. Place in a towel and roll the garment in it to remove excess water
5. Place garment flat in shade to dry

Machine Wash – front loader only
1. Ensure all zips and velcro are done up
2. Place garment in a delicates bag or pillow slip
3. Wash on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent
4. Place garment flat in shade to dry

We have standard fabrics for all custom made garments based on garment type and diagnosis, however we also carry an extensive range of specialty fabrics that you may choose from if your patients have any specific needs. Choosing the correct fabric is integral to achieving the best outcomes with a compression garment so we offer a broad range of advanced compression and specialty fabrics to address a variety of concerns.

See our fabrics page for a detailed breakdown of our fabrics and colours.

A new garment will maintain optimal levels of pressure for 3-6 months with considered laundering and care. After this time frame it is recommended to replace the garment if necessary. On top of the laundering guidelines set out above, we also advise you to educate your patients on proper donning and doffing techniques and to regularly review garments for effectiveness, wear and tear.

Our care instructions come at the advice of leading compression garment researchers as well as from the guidelines set out by our fabric manufacturers. You can be comfortable in knowing we have taken every step to ensure our garments can maintain optimal levels of pressure for as long as possible.

All patients needing a compression or therapy garment manufactured by TSL need a written referral from a medical professional.

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