Upper Extremity
Custom Made Garments

Upper Extremity

Our upper extremity category covers the neck, upper torso and arms giving you the ability to address all or targeted areas of the upper body.

Different fabrics and finishes may be chosen for the anterior, posterior and sleeves.

Vests are primarily made in Brushback Powernet with standard finishes for the neck, sleeves and hem for optimal compression and comfort. You may choose one of our specialty fabrics to be applied to part of or the entire garment to address any particular needs.

Individually tailored to fit the contours of the body 

With our CAD system, we are able to create a Princess Line or Bra Cup design that fits accurately and comfortably around the chest and waist of patients of all sizes. Cups may be further lined to provide additional support. Ensure you measure the lengths and circumferences of the body at the nipple line and under breast accurately to achieve the correct fit.

All vests include a zip to facilitate donning/doffing

The position of the zip can be modified to suit the needs and mobility of the patient. Zips may be further supplemented with loops, dressing tabs, gussets and padding to further address any mobility or comfort needs.

On a sleeveless vest, there is the additional option to open up the vest under the arm or through the armhole with elastic or padding wrapped over the top of the zip for comfort.

For patients with limited range of movement, an additional open ended zip – pictured below with padding and a loop – may be added through the shoulder on the sleeve to further aid donning and doffing of the garment.

Adding Sleeves

To achieve circumferential compression around the chest, a vest must be ordered with sleeves attached. If the arms are not affected you may choose a simple short sleeve however sleeves of varying complexity may be added.

A sleeveless vest is a more discreet option for patients who need circumferential pressure to be applied to the lower torso below the chest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Made vs Ready to Fit?

Custom made garments are made to measure for individual patients while Ready to Fit is a dedicated range of pre-sized garments. If you are unsure about what kind of garment to order, we are happy to assist you to find the best option for your patient.

Custom Made

Complete the relevant forms for your chosen garment and email them to us at tsl@tslaustralia.com.au

Ready to Fit 

Complete a Ready to Fit order form and email it to us at tsl@tslaustralia.com.au

We are happy to provide a quote if requested.

Alternatively, contact us to have a customer login created so you can browse our full range and place your orders online

Proper laundering will preserve the condition of your patients garments for as long as possible. A new garment will maintain optimal levels of pressure for 3-6 months with considered laundering and care. After this time frame it is recommended to replace the garment if necessary.

We advise you to wash garments daily with the following instructions to receive the maximum benefit from your compression garment:

Hand Wash
1. Ensure all zips and velcro are done up
2. Gentle hand wash in warm water using mild detergent
3. Rinse in cold water and gently wring out
4. Place in a towel and roll the garment in it to remove excess water
5. Place garment flat in shade to dry

Machine Wash – front loader only
1. Ensure all zips and velcro are done up
2. Place garment in a delicates bag or pillow slip
3. Wash on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent
4. Place garment flat in shade to dry

We have standard fabrics for all custom made garments based on garment type and diagnosis, however we also carry an extensive range of specialty fabrics that you may choose from if your patients have any specific needs. Choosing the correct fabric is integral to achieving the best outcomes with a compression garment so we offer a broad range of advanced compression and specialty fabrics to address a variety of concerns.

See our fabrics page for a detailed breakdown of our fabrics and colours.

A new garment will maintain optimal levels of pressure for 3-6 months with considered laundering and care. After this time frame it is recommended to replace the garment if necessary. On top of the laundering guidelines set out above, we also advise you to educate your patients on proper donning and doffing techniques and to regularly review garments for effectiveness, wear and tear.

Our care instructions come at the advice of leading compression garment researchers as well as from the guidelines set out by our fabric manufacturers. You can be comfortable in knowing we have taken every step to ensure our garments can maintain optimal levels of pressure for as long as possible.

All patients needing a compression or therapy garment manufactured by TSL need a written referral from a medical professional.

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