“Heat Set Grip” Another Application

A solution to “sole of foot pre mature deterioration, and overcoming slippery occurrences” in lower limb compression garments.

Heat Set Grip is exclusive to TSL and traditionally we have applied it to the palmar aspect of gloves in patches. 

We receive multiple requests regarding the sole of the foot surface being slippery. 

Compression garments are made of a combination of nylon and elastane materials.  This fabric tends to be slippery on polished surfaces such as floorboards.  When lower limb

compression garments are worn without footwear, they have a tendency to wear out quickly. 

A solution we have come up with at TSL is to remove the centre back seam in the patternmaking process and apply the heat set grip fabric to the plantar surface face of the garment.  This may be applied in patches or in one piece.

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